“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

It’s September 1. -ber months just started. There are 115 days to go before Christmas.

Merry Christmas in advance! Love is in the air.♥


It’s only 3:30PM. :&

I tried to call my former office’s hotline to follow up if the cheque for my last pay is already available. I followed the voice prompt until I reached Finance. The operator said, “Our business hours are Mondays thru Fridays from 8AM to 5PM. To go back to the main menu, please press 9. Thank you for calling…

It’s Tuesday today and to think, it’s only 3:30PM. Don’t you want to talk to me? :/

Anyway, I’ll be going to Shaw Blvd for my interview so probably I can drop by there to check it again.


This is someone’s special’s favorite song. Haha. Although we have different worlds now, he still remembers to send a link to this song to me whenever he wants to.

Songs for people in “rebound” situation >.<

Here’s the lyrics.

close the door 
i feel a breeze hold me please 
i hate to be alone 
it’s a cold night, 
turn off the light 
come take my hand and… 

to these things i have to say 
please understand, she 
left me all alone again… 

 clear the room of every memory 
i don’t want our song back on 
it’s an endless maze 
take away this haze 
mend my heart and… 
(repeat chorus 2x) 

turn away, don’t want you to see me cry 
i just want things the way they were 
why is it so hard to say goodbye? 
wipe my tears and… 
(repeat chorus) 

so this i ask of you 
please stay with me 
until she comes back 
until she comes 
until she comes back 
until she comes 
please listen and stay 
until she comes 
until she comes back 
until she comes back…

I want this hairstyle for Ruth and Sherwin’s wedding on the 3rd of September! ♥

PS: I admire Angel Aquino so much. She’s just one of the reasons why I love watching Magkaribal. (Derek Ramsay has always been the biggest reason. Hahaha.)

Hello, Tumblr.

Hi. I just changed my layout. I wish I could have more time to make my own layout for Tumblr.

I am sleepy and I’m just waiting for 12MN to come so I can save my long-term jobs. More xps and cash for me. 😀

LET ME ASK A QUESTION. What’s the difference between Tumblr, Facebook, Blog, Plurk and Twitter? Haha. :))

Venus Raj won 4th runner up on Miss U 2010

Miss Universe 2010 which was held in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas was aired on the 23rd of August 2010. 83 beautiful ladies from different countries around the world joined this famous beauty pageant. Venus Raj represented Philippines in this competition. Everything went well until the Question and Answer portion. The question came from judge #2, William Baldwin: “What is one big mistake that you’ve made in your life? And what did you do to make it right?

Venus answered: “Thank you so much, Sir, for that wonderful question. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening, Las Vegas. You know what, Sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there is nothing major, major, I mean, problem that I have done in my life because I am very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I am here. Thank you. Thank you so much.

RULE #1: Never call an American a “Sir” if he’s not yet an old, old man.

RULE #2: Never translate words in your thoughts from Tagalog to English. Think English. She used “major, major” in which she meant “bonggang-bongga”.