Cafe Lidia. Finally, bukas na! Nagtext ako sa isang friend ko para ilibre ko sana sya for Christmas and New Year. We had kwentuhan about anything under the sun and ordered:

  • House Pizza
  • Spaghetti with Tuna and Oil
  • Classic Chocolate Cake
  • Mocha Cookie

It ended up being treated by him. Hahaha! Saka na lang ako magtatangkang ilibre sya ulit. 😀

Project 365, 1.8.11


Dad was back to Zamboanga for work. This is the lighthouse in NAIA Terminal 2.

Project 365, 1.7.11

Got these gifts from my church friends. A bag, a cellphone toy, a planner and a set of candles for Christmas and New Year(and for being early yesterday, hihi). Thank you. 🙂

Project 365, 1.4.11

This was the “official receipt” given by the doctor when I had my laryngeal endoscopy on Monday morning because of the failure of my vocal chords. Because of this, I cashed out 1000Php, and required to take absolute voice rest. Haaaay. I think I’ll need to find a new job.

Project 365, 1.3.11

I had early out last night that’s why I was able to spend the whole night at home. I woke up at 8:30AM and started the day with these stuff. My laptop (Facebook on), Kleenex (I have terrible colds), my planner (Navi 2011) with my cute pens, my notepad and my Sun phone.

Project 365, 1.2.11

This photo was taken while we’re watching A Perfect Storm. She’s Aliyah, our ex-neighbor. Her dad says I look like her so I asked my mom to capture a picture of us. Hehe. Unfortunately, this is the only picture that I have in my phone on the first day of January 2011.

Project 365, 1.1.11

[1.4.11] I took a photo of myself before the day ends. My day was boring. I stayed the whole day in my room just so I couldn’t speak to anyone a lot. I just attended a meeting at 7PM. They had dinner at our Boss’ house, and I went home. I WENT HOME. I wasn’t able to eat ice cream with GF’s hot fudge.
My voice is still not loving me. 😦 I don’t want to lose it forever. Still looking forward to a better voice tomorrow… Good night, everyone! Lamiiiig! ♥