How to look like Mickey Mouse: Think of the most popular Disney character. (Commit suicide if Mickey Mouse didn’t come to your mind.) Cram. For the head dress, you will need: folder, round-shaped whatever, pencil, pair of scissors, masking tape, black crayon, black hair band. Make a pattern on the folder using the round-shaped whatever […]

KRISHY KITSCH: Krishykitsch BB Giveaway I

krishykitsch: Krishykitsch Birthday & Blogversarry (BB) Giveaway: Part I – ClothesWait for the part II probably tomorrow. I’ll be giving away accessories πŸ™‚ Hi guys! First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU (!!) to my blog readers and friends and to my giveaway sponsors. This won’t push through… KRISHY KITSCH: Krishykitsch BB Giveaway […]