Lessons I Have Learned from my Dad

“Always remember that whatever position is entrusted to you, do your best. Bear in mind that whatever success you will achieve in life are presents you have to thank God for.”

“Do not stop learning.” “Always keep in mind the essence of humility. Ang sabi nga, "Kung sino ang nagpapakumbaba, kusa siyang itinataas.” Remember, the people you interact with as you go up will be the same people you will meet when you go down. Better, if they will all be smiling at you.“

"Never give a false picture of whatever situation to your superiors for fear of being bawled out. Be courageous to face his ire and be scolded for your shortcomings. At least, you know that you are wrong.”

Best speech ❤ The cadets will surely be inspired… I wouldn’t mind traveling for hours so I could attend all the Arrival Honors and Honor Parade for you, Sir… You are one of my inspirations, and you truly deserve all these. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS, BGEN CARLOS C SOLOMON PA!