Last Hoorah

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. ​​I remember, it has been more than a decade since I wrote my very first blog post. It was posted in Xanga. That time, Xanga was one of the most famous blog hosting sites. Then I got bored so I moved to Blogspot where […]

How To Update Your SSS Salary Loan (With New Employer)

In case I haven’t mentioned yet, I already resigned from my 3-and-a-half-year job. It was a really tough decision to make but with courage, determination and guidance, I was finally able to do it. I started working with my new employer exactly 2 months ago. For other people like me who just decided to grab […]

They are both famous, can have the most beautiful and expensive gown every bride dreams of, can have the tallest cake with real diamonds instead of icing flowers, can invite all the popular celebrities in the industry… basically everything to have the most grandiose wedding of the century… Yet they chose to have the simplest […]

September: New Month, New Hope

You had probably read a lot of the following statements from social media posts yesterday: “Goodbye, August. Hello, September!” “September, please be good to me…” “BER months na!” “Merry Christmas!” “Brace yourselves for the <insert any statement from 1 through 4> posts!” Yes, the month of August has finally ended while the “BER months” has officially […]