Sunday Night

Nothing really special today. I realized t’s been a while since the last time I posted a blog. I just thought I could spend a few minutes before my laptop’s battery charge gets empty.

Hi. How was your weekend? Well, mine went by really fast but it seems to be fun.

Last Thursday, I decided to sleep over in our house. PJ was out of town so the house was all mine. Mwahahaha! So I told my mom about my plan. Friday night, my whole family (except my dad who chose tennis over me </3 hahahaha) came over and we had sotanghon-pizza-squidballs kind of night! My bro even baked brownies.☺

I just had a glimpse of how it’s going to be like when I get married probably a few months from now… Sa totoo lang, I literally cried over it when they already left and I was all alone in the bed. Not sure if I am not ready to be married yet or be alone with just another human being in another house other than my mom. 😀

I woke up early the next day. Mukhang hindi na ako namamahay sa aming bahay, which is good to know. Adjustment won’t be hard. I had shower then went to the market to find something to buy. Haha! You know what I got, 2 white towels worth 12Php each that I can use to clean our floors and 25Php Mongo Bread for my cheap breakfast. Damn. Spent 40Php for my two-way pamasahe!!! Luge pa ko. Hahaha. Should get my own bike. Hihi 🙂

When I got back, I cleaned the house—swept and wiped the floor with my new towels and cleaned the bathroom. How come I don’t do this at my parents’ house???

I had to settle with this small TV (with no antenna) that PJ brought from their house. The signal was really making me hot-headed but I still managed to watch KalyeSerye. Eto na pala ang “tamang panahon”! Kung kailan naman panget ang reception, saka naman ganito! I turned up the volume to 60 to make it more exciting. Hahaha! Screaming my lungs out nung nagkita sila!!! ❤ I’m not really a fan of GMA shows but this one really got me… Lola Nidora’s words were really wonderful. I mean, all people should watch this show. It’s not only about ka-cornyhan, you know. You’ll really learn a lot! ^^

I did a little video editing then I watched Big Hero 6. Oo, ngayon ko lang napanood. Nakakaiyak pala yun! The story’s really great. I wish I could have my own Baymax… 🙂

When the night came, I picked up my Yema Cakes and personally delivered it to some of my customers with PJ. Yey! ^^

Woke up late this morning, around 9am… Missed my bed perhaps? Haha. I had homemade pizza pandesal for breakfast. Then delivered the Yema Cakes again: Sto. Niño > San Roque > Rancho Estate 3 > SM Masinag. I then had my defective bulb exchanged at Wilcon then went to Robinson’s Metro East. Do you believe I spent my whole time there in Handyman, Japan Home Center, Daiso, MK Kitchen and Dept. Store??? Things really change.

I spent my earnings from my Yema Cake business for Homey’s mats, toilet bowl cleaner, ceramic jar and Lemongrass oil.♥ Still have so many things on my list. Tomorrow, PJ and I will be getting our very own induction stove! Weeee!

Hoping for a good week ahead. Good night :*