Paano Ba ‘To?!

It was a pretty Saturday.

I started my day as early as 5:00 as I was rendering the prenup AVP which was used in yesterday’s wedding covered by Infinite Pixel Digital Photography. I wasn’t involved in the team for that day, but I was wanting to come with them because the venues were new to us: Diamond Hotel, San Agustin Church and Patio Victoria. However, I thought there was something much more important than that. Hihihi.

I spent my whole afternoon with, ehem, Bianca Gonzalez. Naks! Hahaha! For the first time in 26 years, I went to a book launching and signing for Bianca GonzalezPaano Ba ‘To?! How to Survive Growing Up! I did it all for Bianca! Yes, I’m a fan! 💖 It’s her very first book published and I’m so happy because I have been wanting her to write one! I actually learned about it last week when I got the chance to browse my Instagram News Feed.

It was held in National Bookstore Glorietta 1. Not really familiar with the place so I asked the guard where to go. Haha! Probinsyana lang ang peg. It was my first time in years to go to Glorietta from Marikina para lang maggala.The last time I went there for it was when I was in 3rd year highschool, may bomb threat pa! I left home at almost 1PM na and I had no choice but to take the MRT dahil wala nang shuttle that time.

The book signing was at 2PM but when I arrived, it was already almost 2:30. Kahit sa ganito, late pa rin ako. Hahaha! Fortunately, Bianca wasn’t there yet (and I’m sure it was because of traffic). Nakapag-sign up pa ko at number 131. No chance of winning sa raffle :

The first thing I did was, of course, buy the book. It costs 240Php; the book has approximately 200 pages. The illustrations by Pete Rich are very appealing considering that the main cover is white.


Around 2:30, Sky, the host, already started the talk and introduction. Then finally, Bianca went to the stage. It was good to see she was still amazed by the crowd even when she’s always in front of it. Hehe. She was surprised she turned speechless at first. Can’t blame her! Haha! She cried, specially when she saw his brother and mom from abroad who came here to attend her wedding, and even said ang panget na nya kakaiyak when she still looked a goddess. Hahaha!



She shared that she wore red lips, black blazer, white tank top, jeans and black stilettos to mimic how she looks like on her book cover. Haha! I wasn’t able to take a photo but she was wearing her killer Christian Louboutin stilettos in black with red soles!!! Check her #shoeselfies on her Instagram account here.💕

Bianca was really blessed to have generous sponsors. 7 super lucky girls who belong to the first 100 registrants won shirts from Uniqlo, Galaxy phone from Samsung and lovely watch from TechnoMarine.

After giving the gifts, the book signing started.


And this was the crazy crowd!


Girls in all ages (bata, teenager, nag-aaral, nagtatrabaho, nagpapadede ng anak, tita, lola, etc) even guys were there! I think they had no choice when it’s their girlfriends who wanted it. Hihi. I was supposed to be with my boyfriend as well kaso may shoot sila so I went all by myself. #loner

After more than one hour and nagkalabo-labong pila, it was finally my turn! Kaso, may nakasingit sa akin…

Yes, it’s her ever sweet and supportive husband in 11 days, JC Intal!!! 💖 The crowd went crazy! He got his own copy and had it signed by her fiancée.

May kiss pa! The crowd got even crazier…

…and craziest when they had a photo together. All phones were up in the air! :))

Finally, it was my turn! Natapos ko na yung first chapter about family. Haha! I’ve waited for this day! Nung una medyo nahihiya pa ako at kinakabahan, I was even planning to back out, pero naisip ako, “I’m already here! Ngayon pa ba ko aatras???” Bianca is a simple yet pretty woman you won’t get intimidated to. She’s very beautiful; you’ll look up to her, hindi dahil mataas ang heels nya, kundi dahil she’s really an inspiration! I started stalking her virtually a few years back. I was a big fan of her blog─it was still then─and her openness to public issues. I also read her “10 Things” column in The Philippine Star. I admired her more when she represented the Philippines for the Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge and was crowned Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driver of the Year. Ang angas di ba!! :)) Her life story is also very inspiring, that’s why I won’t ever ask why a lot of women like me love her! Ü

I gave her a white bracelet with heart charm and a short letter I wrote while waiting for my turn.

A photo with Bianca Gonzalez: check! 💖 #bucketlist

When you open the first page of the book, you’ll a lot of beautiful letterings made by Abbey Sy and a small area where Bianca can write her dedication for the reader. I love what she wrote for me:

Keep winning at life!

After she signed my book, the man on my left gave me 4 Meg magazines, the June to September 2014 issues!

And since JC was still there, I took the courage to ask for a photo with him. Sinulit ko na! Hindi ko naman sila makikita everyday and everywhere. Hahaha!

He even offered to hold my phone and take the picture. He’s so nice and gwapo! I heard about him because of UAAP and PBA but admittedly, I only got more interested in him when I knew he was Bianca’s fiancé. Na-sense kong he’ll be a good husband to my idol. Hahaha! Ang fangirl ng dating. 😀

It was indeed a fun and memorable experience! Thank you so much Bianca and JC and Team #ProjectBG for this! I will never forget this! 💕

Bianca Monica Malasmas Gonzalez is currently a 31-year-old TV host at ABS-CBN, Editor-in-Chief of Meg magazine, columnist for The Philippine Star, Young Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, and (as of this writing) soon-to-be wife to JC Intal. She is also known as @iamsuperbianca in the online world. This book is a dream project come true.

So after ko magutom sa pila, I went to Landmark, Powerbooks and Fullybooked to check some 2015 planners then searched for a place to eat. I ended up having pizza for dinner at Pizza Warehouse in Glorietta.

It’s just a small pizza place with limited items on the menu but suits for gutom people like me. Haha!

I ordered this BIG slice of Cheese Pizza (99Php) and a big cup of iced tea (47Php). Other flavors available are: Pepperoni, All-Meat, Shrimp & Garlic. There are also Churros and Sausage sandwiches.

After dinner, I dropped by H&M and Forever 21 but left empty-handed. Haha. Not in the mood for shopping. I was also rushing as it was already 6:30PM and I needed to leave to attend a meeting with my churchmates.

Nakakapagod all day but it was all worth it!

Hope you had a great Saturday as well! 🙂



The last quarter of 2012 has just started! For sure, family gatherings, friendly meetups, etc. are going to be everywhere, and these won’t be complete without some yummy dishes and sweets that you can share with your loved ones 🙂

I’ve decided to make this yummy Mango Graham Cake for you! It comes in a 500-mL microwaveable container with a ribbon and a little sweet note about life, friendship, happiness and love; you can give it as a sweet gift too ü

A part of the proceeds will benefit some less fortunate kids this Christmas 🙂
To order:
* you may SMS me at 09156709928 / 09323614627 (for faster transaction)
* leave comment/PM here

Thanks and God bless!ü

Day 1 of 24

Hi. It’s been a while since I posted a blog about my personal life. I have already drafted my Cebu trip with the boyfriend two weeks ago and I still can’t find time to finally publish it. Hopefully before this month ends (that’s in 4 days)…

Anyways, my 24th birthday is in 24 days. So I guess you already have an idea why this blog’s entitled “Day 1 of 24”. I just want to document the last 23 days of my life as a 23-year-old young lady and day 24 as I welcome another I-hope-its-going-to-be-a-great year of my life :>

This day started like an ordinary day with extraordinary hopes and dreams. Though last night I was a bit depressed for no apparent reason. I guess I’m on a “quarter-life crisis”. Or am I just overthinking? Oh God, please help me. T_T

It’s been 3 years since Ondoy, and if you ask me to tell a story on my experience, I can still give it to you in full details… Well, I hope we already learned our lesson.

My day wasn’t really busy at work. My colleague, Luis, and I had lunch at Taste Asia, which is located in front of One E-Com Center, outside SM Hypermarket in the Mall of Asia. We ordered Grilled Liempo and Calamares and I think it’s just fine. After eating, we searched for Fruitas since we didn’t order any drinks and bumped into Juice Avenue.

I’ve been seeing one of its branches in Sta. Lucia East Grandmall but it was only today that I got a taste of it. The menu’s unique; each drink is named after popular roads/places in Manila. Luis ordered Calle Escolta (bestseller), a combination of mango, watermelon, melon and his favorite, banana. I was craving for Mango and Orange so I chose Traffic, a combination of apple, pineapple, orange and mango. It costs 59Php for a 16-oz cup which is worth it. After my first sip, I could say that this is the only “Traffic” I love! ♥ The cups are also environment-friendly; they’re using paper cups made of biodegradable materials. Very nice 🙂

We finished our task early so we were able to leave SM Head Office (near MOA, where I am currently deployed) 15 minutes before 6PM. I met my extraordinarily-sweet-today boyfriend at Marikina around 7:30PM after he delivered the compilation of raw and edited pictures to his client. Maybe he could sense that I wanted something sweet so he opted to have dinner at Red Ribbon. Unfortunately, our favorite Salisbury Steak was sold out and only 2 flavors of cake, not our type, were available so we shifted to Jollibee, for the love of Yum and Choco Sundae ❤

An hour with him was really bitin but I really appreciate his actions… how he walked a few meters to see me, how he said he missed me, how he wanted to take a photo of Jollibee’s pending number 21, how he said “Thank you” and “inspirasyon kita”, how he noticed my dimples, how he held my hand, how he accompanied me to the trike station, how he gave me a feeling we’re like highschoolers in love… On my way home, I realized, with his presence, I’m happy, no matter how sad I am :’)

I was about to close my Gmail window when I saw this subscription email from Marc and Angel Hack Life. I love to read the blogs that they post because it gives an inspiring feeling about dealing with life. The recently-written post by Marc was entitled “11 Promises You Must Make to Yourself”. If you have time, you may read the whole article here

It’s just the first day. I hope I can be the happiest until the rest of the days.

‘Til tomorrow…

Cooking 101: Breaded Fish Fillet

It’s a nonworking holiday today. If you are a Filipino who loves his country, you are aware that today is the 114th Commemoration of the Declaration of the Philippine Independence. So instead of boring myself at home, let’s make this day special. I decided to celebrate it by cooking Breaded Fish Fillet 😀

I’m not really a fan of fish because I don’t like fish bones. Masakit kaya matinik 😀 But I like these fish fillets because cooking this is waaaay simpler than the normal fish. With this, I don’t have to worry about the skin being torn. Hehe.

What I love about this is that the ingredients are all available at home, or at least, easy to buy at the store. You just have to prepare the following:

  • skinless fish fillet (I used Frabelle’s Cream Dory which we bought from Robinson’s Supermarket.)
  • all-purpose flour
  • 1 large egg (beaten)
  • crumbs
  • salt and pepper to taste

The procedure is just similar with that of Breaded Chicken Fillet.

  1. Cut the fish fillet into smaller pieces.
  2. Season both sides with salt and pepper.
  3. Dredge the fillet in flour.
  4. Place the fillet in beaten egg. Make sure that the entire fillet is coated.
  5. Put in the crumbs and coat completely.
  6. Place the skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil for deep-frying. Heat for a few minutes.
  7. Place the coated fillets then cook for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Serve with your favorite dip.☺

It’s so easy, right? I just started my very little passion with cooking this year. And this is a good food to start on. Try it yourself!ü

May 25, 2012

Breakfast – 2 pc. Hotcake and Hot Chocolate (McDonald’s)

Lunch – Lasagna and Hawaiian Pizza (Greenwich)

Merienda – Selecta Triple Chocolate (7 Eleven)

Dinner – Bunch of Lunch (Shakey’s)

Thank You Lord for not making me starve today :’)

Outbreak Manila

Few weeks ago, PJ called me up in the middle of office hours to ask me to join him and his colleagues on Outbreak Manila ─ a 5K fun run against time or obstacles and from “flesh eating zombies” inspired by Run For Your Lives. It was held yesterday (041412) in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Fortunately, I didn’t have a scheduled lecture meeting so I was able to participate.

Slept at 12MN. Woke up at 4:30AM. I didn’t get enough sleep, maybe I was too excited. Actually, the only preparation I did for this run was the walking that I usually do every morning and afternoon to and from the office. Hmm, a little jogging and stretching and biking, yes.

Arrived there at around 9AM. The sun was scorching hot!! But we got used to it after being under the sun for several hours. Surprisingly, there were soooo many people who joined the race! 

So here we are before the race with our race bibs, health flags and natural costumes 😀

From L-R: PJ, Seph, Anj, Jake, Daryl, Dess, Kharish, Mei, Paul, KC, Marco

There were 25 waves consisting of around 100-300 people each (if I estimated it right). The first wave started the race at 5:30AM but ours (wave 22) was at 10AM. We were initially provided with 3 health flags, plus 1 for crawling on the ground 😀 We needed at least 1 flag left until we reached the finish line so we could be considered “alive”. We even already got tired on the first few meters from the start line because of the zombies but it was really, really fun! 🙂

It was almost lunch when we finished the race. Yes. We survived the obstacles. We survived the “flesh eating zombies”. WE SURVIVED THE OUTBREAK! And I was like… blah blah blah :))))

After the event, we decided to have lunch at Green ATS Bulaluhan in Tagaytay City. The food was great ─ delicious and affordable ─ as well as the view of ever-famous Taal Volcano.☺

C2 Cool and Clean also announced a photo contest themed “Sarap ng Bukas” so with the photographers, directors, and models (and audiences) around, we had a “product shoot” as what Manong Magka-kabayo said, in the horseback riding area. First prize is 75,000Php, just enough to sustain our vacation desires 😀

We also went to South Forbes where we drooled over the exquisite, alluring, classy, extravagant, magnificent, fascinating, grand, enticing, astonishing, breathtaking, wonderful, awesome, statuesque, stunning, lovely, think-of-other-synonyms-for-beautiful houses, I mean, mansions! Gawd, I didn’t know there’s an amazing place in Sta. Rosa like that.(♥_♥) Wish I could own one of them. FYI, one of the Tokyo mansions costs 34 million pesosesoses. Nothing’s wrong with dreaming, besides, it’s free… Right?

We ended the day having dinner and a little time for coffee and chitchats at Shell SLEx.

We didn’t get medals for Top 40 runners (except for Daryl and Marco) but we were able to bring home an Outbreak Manila shirt, a Hygienix hand sanitizer, a sachet of Freshman masculine wash (I wonder if the girls could also use it haha), and a very wonderful experience that we will never forget 🙂

See you on the next Outbreak!!! 🙂

Will post some more photos soon…

Coco-busog sa Coconut House

Do you want something to eat that’s yummy, healthy and affordable at the same time?

Nakapanood ako ng Ang Pinaka last, last week tungkol sa 10 Must-try Coolers. Sa sampung pinakita nya na talaga namang nakakapaglaway, dun ako sa Buko Sherbet ng Coconut House sarap na sarap.

Kanina, pagkatapos ng Recognition Rites ng kapatid ko at agenda ko sa CSC, naisip naming dumirecho sa Quezon City Memorial Circle para magpalamig. Sa totoo lang, tatlong beses kaming nagpa-ikot-ikot sa Elliptical Road dahil lagi akong lumalagpas sa parking entrance 😀

Sa wakas… nakarating na rin kami!

Coconut IceCream Hut. Puro ice cream 😀 Nung una, pinagpilitan ko pang pumasok sa loob ng Coconut House… sa kanila rin pala yun :))

Pagpasok namin, tinignan ko agad ung menu. Nakakatuwa dahil napakagaling nilang mag-innovate ng food using buko as ingredient. Kahit yung pinaka-imposibleng magka-buko, mayroon ata sila :p

Pakiramdam ko nagningning ang mga mata ko nung makita ko na ung Mga Panghimagas.♥ Hinanap ko agad ung na-feature sa TV na Buko Sherbet 🙂

This is my smiling Mom while ordering our coco-busog food 😀

They also have other products made of coconut 🙂

This is me and my mom while waiting for our orders…

Soooo yummy!!! We ordered:

  • Buko Sherbet, 75Php – Fresh coconut bits, nata de coco, tapioca pearls and pinipig on top of our special coco ice mix. Best with coconut ice cream, add 15Php!
  • Coco Halo-Halo, 85Php – Special coco ice mix with macapuno, banana and leche flan. Also best with coconut ice cream, add 15Php!
  • Coconut Ice Cream, 30Php – Delicious coconut ice cream with our choice of Fruity Coco, Cocoflan, Coco Delite, or Coconut Gelato. Add 15Php for whipped cream and sprinkles!

Sitting handsome sa comfortable couch 🙂

At dahil nabitin kami sa ice cream, we also ordered Savora Mi Fruity Coconut Ice Cream, 60Php.

Hmmmm… Simot-sarap! =P~

Hindi talaga ako mahilig sa buko… pero dahil nasarapan ako, I’ll definitely go back here! 🙂



  • Located inside Quezon City Memorial Circle (near Commonwealth Ave entrance)
  • Open daily from 7AM to 9PM
  • Telephone number: (02) 3924115

Recognition Day + Foodtrip + Photos

Warning: This post is loaded with pictures.

I was on leave at work today. It’s my younger brother’s Recognition Day! Went to his school which happens to be the same school I went to way back in high school…

With our Mommy.

With Ate 🙂

Mom making a bit of wacky-slash-Korean pose 😀

So nice to be back to my Alma Mater…

Ate’s gift!

Rites ended at around 1PM. Went to Batasang Pambansa then Commission on Audit. After my agenda, we had late lunch at Max’s Restaurant.

Platter meal ü

Finally, the three of us!

We decided to have coco desserts at Coconut House.

It was our first time after a long time to visit Quezon City Memorial Circle so we took a little walk around.

Very tiring but happy day! Thanks to him for lending me his baby for a day 🙂 Tomorrow, I’m going to face the reality again… Work!!

Next: Outbreak Manila on the 14th with PJ and his officemates! Gotta do more jogging in 3 days. Wooooh! I can do it!

The Overrated Magnum

Had little money left before pay day so I gave my mom and little bro a little treat. (I guess I should use younger bro; he’s not little anymore.) Besides, we’re all stressed this week.

MiniStop = not available -> Robinson’s Supermarket = not available -> Savemore Shoe Ave = available ♥

We bought this 3-in-a-box Magnum Chocolate Truffle for only 145Php. It’s 35Php cheaper than buying it individually. (It’s 55Php in 7 Eleven per piece.) Thank God for the person who opened up this idea o:)

I’ve been craving for ice cream since Monday. Maybe I can start craving for another food next week :p

TGIF tomorrow! Well, I still have to go to the office on Saturday but that’s fine…

Have a good night sleep! :*