Paano Ba ‘To?!

It was a pretty Saturday.☀ I started my day as early as 5:00 as I was rendering the prenup AVP which was used in yesterday’s wedding covered by Infinite Pixel Digital Photography. I wasn’t involved in the team for that day, but I was wanting to come with them because the venues were new to […]

May 25, 2012

Breakfast – 2 pc. Hotcake and Hot Chocolate (McDonald’s) Lunch – Lasagna and Hawaiian Pizza (Greenwich) Merienda – Selecta Triple Chocolate (7 Eleven) Dinner – Bunch of Lunch (Shakey’s) Thank You Lord for not making me starve today :’)

The Overrated Magnum Had little money left before pay day so I gave my mom and little bro a little treat. (I guess I should use younger bro; he’s not little anymore.) Besides, we’re all stressed this week. MiniStop = not available -> Robinson’s Supermarket = not available -> Savemore Shoe Ave = available ♥ We […]