Long Weekend #1 pt. 1

Today is the first day of Long Weekend #1. Yes. I have to number it because as I have checked, there are 8 long weekends this year! Well, 9 for me. Hihi 🙂

So what’s with this day?

  • 11th month at work (eCOM)
  • 37th monthsary with PJ
  • Mom’s coming back home from Cavite after a 4-day vacation

I thought I’d have a date with my boyfriend today because it’s our monthsary. Well, it’s just a thought…

Picked up Mom at Araneta Center with my bro and Jetty this morning. Nabitin tuloy ako sa bed weather. Hehe. Went to SM City Marikina. Had lunch at Greenwich. Yummy Lasagna and Hawaiian Pizza, I missed.♥ (Forgot to take a picture so you’d drool. Hihi.) Since it’s still early and we had nothing to do, we decided to window shop, but we failed… Why? Here:

Fan of Maybelline New York? Hehe. Cos aside from the cheap price, everything there’s worth buying. So I realize it’s about time to update my makeup kit.

  1. Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation (24 True Beige), 349Php ─ This one’s water-based since I have oily skin on the face. I tried to use it and it really evens out skin tone 🙂
  2. 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner by Eyestudio (Black) ─ I got this months ago for only 350Php, if I’m not mistaken. This one’s creamy. Now, I prefer using this instead of my IN2IT Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof with Matte Finish (Nylon Hair Brush tip). I think this one’s better ü
  3. Make up Remover for Eye and Lip, 99Php ─ I need this because it’s giving me a hard time removing my eyeliner/mascara using petroleum jelly/water. I used it and it instantly removes my eye makeup 😀
  4. Fashion 21 Blush Brush, 50Php (not in the picture) ─ I bought this in the meantime. Before, I used nylon brush and it just irritated my skin. (PS: My skin’s a bit sensitive.) This one’s soft and good for my Clear Smooth Shine-free Blush 😉

After having some DQ Sandwich, I passed by The Surplus Shop and saw this:

To be washed 🙂

I got this H&M blouse for only 349.75Php. This fits just right for me. It seldom happens that a blouse like this fits as if sinukatan ako. So I bought it 😀 I also saw a trendy winter coat but I didn’t focus much on it. I didn’t even bother to check the price… because as far as I’m concerned, I have no plans of going to Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, or anywhere else outside the country this year. Hmmm, maybe next year 🙂

“There’s really nothing like shopping to cheer you up." Lane Daniels, Beauty and the Briefcase

Shopping resumes on the third week of February 😀 Planning to go to thrift shops in Anonas, Trinoma, 168 (and the mall beside it) and Greenhills. Hihi. Bank account, get ready!!! :))))

Off to a meeting with my church friends in a bit. Then tomorrow, I’m going to see my college friends again in Papa John’s Tomas Morato.♥

And this is what happened to what I was cooking while doing this blogpost:

HAHAHAHAHA! Nakakahiya naman sa guest ko (Mommy) :s

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! 2 more days to go! Don’t waste it 🙂 And it’s Sunday tomorrow, don’t forget to visit Him ❤